Il Tabarro eBook

ISBN none
AUTOR(A) G. Puccini
FECHA none
TAMAÑO DEL ARCHIVO 5,74 MB Il Tabarro Image
IL TABARRO - G. Puccini,- ISBN:- 1993 - Encuadernación de tapa blanda - L95446. Ricordi - 169pp Rústica con ilustraciones en la cubierta e interior. PA
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Il Tabarro is a most excellent start to the production, quite possibly the best executed production of the three productions/one-act operas forming Il Trittico. I do think of the entire production that Il Tabarro had the best sets, slightly sparse, but very atmospheric and compact which is in perfect sync with the mood of the opera.

Il Tabarro. On the banks of the Seine The dockers hurry to empty the hold of Michele's barge. Michele's companion, Giorgetta, comes to offer him a glass of wine. Louigi catches her eye. A barrel organ player goes along the riverbank. Louigi waves him over.