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ISBN 9788482564630
AUTOR(A) D. Sam Abrams
FECHA 1997
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Everything felt OK but a lot of filler could be cut to make the storytelling better, you know what you're getting into with a video like this, but the slapstick acting of the two characters told the story of the piece well through the use of overexaggerated movements (throwing the rock was vaguely) pretty comical) and the facial acting of the tea drinker was whelming.

Forces in balance are said to be in equilibrium: there is also no change in motion.. Free Body Diagrams. The first step is to draw a Free Body Diagram (also called a Force Diagram) Free Body Diagram: A sketch where a body is cut free from the world except for the forces acting on it.. In the bridge example the free body diagram for the top of the tower is: