Tokyo Houses eBook

ISBN 9783823855736
AUTOR(A) Vv.aa.
FECHA 2002
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Simplicity isn't just a matter of taste in Japan - it's part of the culture. But within that aesthetic there is much diversity. This photographic sampling of Tokyo's apartments attempts to display that diversity. The clutter-free rooms in this collection are filled with muted colours and natural objects; traditional materials such as rice paper, tatami, wood, ceramics and stone are made use of. These are combined with objects such as - a whimsical chair, a rock garden set into the floor, an Art Deco flourish or a rustic bamboo ladder propped against a wall. In this visual exploration of 40 of Tokyo's apartments, gleaming high-tech lives alongside the old and traditional.
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One of these houses is not like the others. This house in Tokyo by Sou Fukimoto Architects, known as House NA, stands out with its modern and transparent style.The building is unlike its neighboring houses in its appearance and structure.

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