Love Design eBook

ISBN 9783866540514
AUTOR(A) Vv.aa.
FECHA 2009
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Love and design have more in common than one might think at first glance: they can both break old habits and shape new ways in our day-to-day lives, they can both be exhilarating, a true revelation, but also potentially disrupting, both individually and collectively, and they can both have the power to make us see the world in a new light. Love Design explores the multifaceted relationship between design and the scope of emotions generally associated with the feeling called love, be it affection, desire, pleasure and romance, but also jealousy, distance, separation or pain. Over a hundred designers united here present a selection of new and usual products and special editions, in categories such as fine textile, sound wave jewelry, blushing lighting, erotic tableware, lover's furniture and more surprising delights - all objects specifically designed to enhance (or distort) our pleasurable sense of togetherness in every possible and impossible way. The book Love Design will be released on the occasion of the Love Design exhibition running parallel to the Milan Furniture Fair 2009.
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