Little Boy Blue eBook

ISBN 9780718180836
AUTOR(A) M.j. Arlidge
FECHA none
TAMAÑO DEL ARCHIVO 8,53 MB Little Boy Blue Image
The UK's most exciting new crime-writing talent. The death of a young man, found cocooned in plastic, looks like it was a tragic accident -- a sex game gone wrong. But when another lifeless victim is found days later, wrapped tight, DI Helen Grace knows that she's on the hunt for a serial killer.
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Living in the rural Texas panhandle is a dysfunctional family: an abusive dad, a Vietnam vet with a war wound that's left him impotent; a compliant wife and a son of about 20, who have an incestuous relationship at the insistence of the dad; and, two small sons who look a lot like their brother.

Little Boy Blue est un film réalisé par Antonio Tibaldi avec Tyrin Turner, Ryan Phillippe. Synopsis : Dans le Texas rural, le jeune Jimmy West découvre un lourd secret familial.